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nelson soares

Most of my life, summarizing it, been hopping for over two decades between Canada and Portugal gathering priceless experience that I´ll never forget!

Shortly after graduating high school I did my odd jobs here and there and then got my Real Estates Brokers license and closed quite a few deals in the following years and even bought myself a Jaguar XKE as weekend car! For the love and the enthusiasm I had for this car I even started a site giving in-depth info on this classic at and also at

Back again in Portugal, this time maneuvering a bulldozer selling sand and pebble!

A couple of years later, I’m in the vitamin and mineral business and again in school for sports nutrition and later homeopathy!

Sports wise, Scuba diving is my favorite and one of the best sensations that one can ever experience!

Fortunately in my early diving months I meet a group of diving buddies that were truly dedicated to Scuba Diving as I was and soon I was to be a founding member of a Scuba Diving non-profit organization called Associação Atlantico Selvagem (Atlantic Wildlife Association)! We did quite a few documented expeditions on the Atlantic and on our spare time found a few shipwrecks as well! I even ended up building my own ROV (remote operated vehicle).

Soon after, Grandpa passed me the keys to the farm and I am now in the slow process of renovating a +100 year old villa and citrus orchards and as well having lots of fun restoring my Mini Sport!

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