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Mindy Bench

Welcome! My maiden name was Ray...I like to think I am a ray of sunshine to those around me. Me: HAPPILY married and have four children Activities Director for a retirement living center. Associates of science in health education. Taught Fitness classes through LCC. Graduated from Springfield College of Beauty. I Write newsletters for two places in town and I aslo do Photography & publish photos. I am an artist & singer song writer. I Play the flute ♫ Mindy Jo Irish. ♫

I enjoy: Hiking, Gardening,Fishing, Camping,Traveling, and Photography. Come and see us in Oregon!

I love writing! Thank you Hub Pages, Join me today and start HUBBING and making money.


My Art Guild

This portfolio below is protected by © Copyright with all rights reserved. This work, which includes much of my own photography, may not be copied, republished, reproduced or disseminated in any form; without the express written approval of the author.