Mental Ink

New Year - New Direction for Mental Ink
Mental Ink has been the quiet subsidiary of FishBread Ink, Inc, my freelance writing company, in which I was to share my personal musings.

For 2011 Mental Ink is going to take center stage while FishBread Ink retires to the beach. Mental Ink is still a place for people who think and there will be the occasional personal post but my focus will be on creating professional, meaningful content.

Who Needs Mental Ink
If turning the 2,230 pages of a Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary don't excite you, then you need this blog. If you think AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style refer to fashion, you need this blog.

If you need to create action-oriented, informative and unique content, this blog is for you. Consider it both a resource and a business partner.

As a resource you'll find helpful articles and tips to improve your content and reader response.

As a business partner, I offer a variety of services to businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

From researching and creating original, keyword-optimized SEO content for websites and blogs to entertaining and informative articles for web and print, Sharise Arici has the education, experience and creativity that your company and project need to reach its goal.

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