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I'm a 30-something self taught science nut. Formally a DevOps Automation Engineer who is very involved in his career. Informally a futurist, technodabbler, wannabe physicist, and a father of one. While I falter in the shadow of complex astrophysical computations, I pride myself on the ability to understand conceptual science and enjoy translating mind bending theories into plain english.

Some would describe me as a philosopher of sorts. I disagree. I feel that most "philosophers" now days are nothing but elitists that overthink everything, and contribute nothing. Instead, I like to describe myself as a "thinker."

One of my favorite pastimes is to ponder the future. It is enlightening to imagine the everythings that might, or will, happen. Our future is shaped by the ideas of the present. Without science writers such as Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov, we probably would not enjoy many of the wonders and comforts we have today. While I can't compare myself to the genius of people such as they; I do find comfort in the idea that some day my own ideas may help shape the future, even if it is only on the tiniest scale.