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I like to create, anything from stories, art, photographic images, websites and all else that I find to promote creative release. I acutally enjoy using WordPress and other web development apps. But, most of all I like to write about experiences, both mine and others that I find interesting and experiences that have touched me in one way or another.

I live in southern Alberta and it's still not warm enough most of the time. I think as a person grows older they, at least myself, simply don't want to deal with the cold winters anymore. I dream of someday living in the tropics, but at the moment it's just a dream.

I'm interested in life and the relationships between all of the species on the earth. What will come in the future and are the stories being told of present going to come to pass? I tend to write about all kinds of different topics and as time goes by those choices may even expand more.

I'm generally always working on something in one way or another. If you have a question or would like to know more drop me a line or two. You can see some of the tales that have been put together at

A bit about my background: I went to a post secondary school twice for Office Administration and graduated both times with honours; I must have felt I needed an upgarde to my skills the second time around. I also completed a two year post secondary course in computers, according to the diploma I'm a PC Specialist. Continuing on with my post secondary education I also hold a dipoma as a Legal Assistant.

My Work History: I waited tables for a number of years and for at least 10 years I worked as a Hotel Desk clerk. I've also bartended and helped run a liquor store for a couple of years. I've washed dishes, cleaned rooms and even worked in security for a few years. I did do some work as a computer support techinician for around five years, a year as a phone line support agent and the other years in a private school setting as a direct support agent. I've worked in an office setting and I've done bookkeeping, thought to go further and get an accounting degree because I like working with numbers, but have not done so yet.

Life has been varied, I've lived in a few different places and met many different people; some good and some not so good perhaps. We like to think that as we grow older we gain more wisdom, I would say that is true in some cases, but not all. Remain true, Always!

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