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Steven P Kelly

I have been in the restaurant business my entire aldult life and consider myself something of an expert in the areas of server and bartender training, front-of-house organizaition, and staff development. I am a perfectionist and expect formulas to be followed pricisely whether I work at corporate or family-owned places, that attention to detail serves me as a writer as well, helping me to recall and verbalize my thoughts and observations. I learn something everytime I write an article, so read something and see what happens.

Now I sell ultra-luxury and exotic motor cars at Dimmitt Automotive Group in Tampa Bay. It is a fun career and obviously one with some very shiny, very fast perks. Before the ultra-luxury I was a salesman for Cadillac where I sold new and used Cadillac and many other brands through our used car department. I love what I do and I love to diversify my earnings. I am in the process of getting my real estate license so that I can get involved in business brokering.

I really love to travel and cook so I enjoy finding new recipes and shooting off to new places (sometimes for a year or more at a time) and trying the recipes of others. I've lived extensively in Tulum, Mexico, London, and New York City and visited Paris, Germany, Denmark, Holland, and Sweden.

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Your's Truly,

S. P. Kelly