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Kevin Scanlan

After years of work in the legal field I decided to try my luck in the car sales business. I quickly learned that it is a very unique industry.

Its practices are slowly changing, but are still based on outdated and ineffective processes and procedures. These outdated business models will continue to hurt the industry until it figures out that a change is necessary. Doing things this way or that way because that is how it has always been done is a ticket to obsolesence. The decades long horrible satisfaction ratings should have been a clue - but apparantly not. When you are compared to a root canal on a regular basis you have a problem - one that doing things the same way is not going to fix.

I will try to impart some knowledge about my time in the business and the experiences of others that have worked for decades in the industry. Hopefully this will provide a blend of an outsider's opinion and the view point of career sales people that do not have the ability to speak up personally.

I am an old curmudgeon and live with the girl of my dreams in Wichita Falls. I have two great kids and 5 grandkids from 10 years to diapers.