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John MacNab

I am a retired Scot who married a Canadian, and immigrated from one of the smallest countries in the world to the second largest one.

My hobbies are reading, writing, photography and trying hard not to take life too seriously. I am a published writer and have been broadcast on BBC radio and television as well as being a long time blogger on Blogit. I consider most of my writing to be humorous, even when it starts off being serious. Obviously there is a quirk in one or more of my genes.

The name? Depending on which review you read it is either John Macnab or John MacNab, and it is the title of a book by one of Scotland's greatest authors, John Buchan.

John Macnab is the collective name taken by three bored English gentlemen who decide to alleviate their apathy by poaching from a friend's estate in the Scottish Highlands. When I first read the book as a pre-teen, I decided that if ever I became a writer, my pseudonym would be John MacNab.

So you don't know if these Hubs are written by Edward Leithen, Palliser-Yeates, Charles Lamancha, Janet Roylance.....or me.