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J M Gadoury

All of us have busy, interesting, important lives.  All of us have opinions about life.  What compels some of us to share our lives and thoughts?

For me, the word "share" is the key word.  I try not to presume what part of my life or opinions will be helpful, valuable, interesting or add value to your life.  But unless I share, I guess we'll never know.  It is up to you to choose.  But in the process of "taking it" or "leaving it", I hope that my writing entertains you, stimulates you, dare I say "influences you", and most importantly, adds something to your life that you didn't have before you started reading.

Educated at Liberty University and University of Richmond School of Law, and a resident of Virginia since 1989, J M uniquely relates to the vision, values and challenges of his clients. He is a passionate advocate for preserving freedom and economic liberty and developing leaders who care about building a better future.  J M brings an adaptable personality, a diverse set of relationship building skills and a passion for clear communication, strategic planning, training and education.