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Darline Kilpatrick

Hi, welcome to my profile page, My name is Darline Kilpatrick or Jen's Solitude, if you prefer.

I have been writing online since 2009. I provide quality content not only for my own websites, but also for my other Internet marketing interests.

Demonstrations of my writing style can be found here at Hubpages. I have articles ranging from health and welfare topics to legal and sports related content. Marketing and sales content demonstrates my ability to review specific goods and services.

I was diagnosed with the relapsing/remitting form of MS in 1993, so am qualified to offer advice about dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and its various treatments and medications. If my information helped others, I am satisfied. My website: The All Steroids Club, deals with solu-medrol and other MS subjects.

I am most grateful for the knowledge I have received from others willing to share medical information and experiences with me. The MS community is a wonderful source of encouragement and understanding.

My husband and I are moving in a new direction and entering the world of early retirement. Thirty-one years of marriage has filled us with great anticipation for our new situation. As we settle into retirement we look forward to enjoying each other's company as never before.