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Jeff Rutter

I've always enjoyed creating and being creative whether it is fixing something broken, music, drawing, or writing. Although in college I hated writing only because I'm so OCD about it, I discovered I wasn't half bad at doing it. In fact, I probably wouldn't have fared as well in most of my classes if not for the hundreds (so it seemed) ... ok, more like dozens of research papers I had to write.

I also enjoy reading, although I have very little time to do much of that these days. But, in short, I really enjoyed doing the research to write an article or research paper. So here I am on HubPages to try my skills.

Lastly, I was an automotive mechanic for 6 years and a multi-instrumentalist for close to 40 years. The guitar is my primary instrument, but I started off as a keyboard player at age 8. I started playing bass at 14, drums at 15 and finally the guitar at age 18 all self-taught. I've been singing since I was 5 years old.

So to say music is a rather huge part of my life would be a safe assumption. Most of my articles will be musical based with the occasional automotive article thrown in now and again.

I hope you enjoy the articles as I hope to deliver quality content.