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Jane Hance

Well marinated at 55 I have done a little of everything throughout my career. An avid horseman, I spent 21 years training Harness Race Horses, where I met and married my best friend. I then worked as a production clerk for Tootsie Roll Industries in Chicago, and segued from there into truck driving. I was over-the-road for several years before settling in a local job hauling milk from the dairies to the creameries. Toss in time spent in marketing, data entry, reception, food prep, construction and lawn maintenance.

From an early age I was hooked on horses, and despite growing up in town I took every opportunity to read and learn about them. At 16 I bought my first riding horse, a 17 hand saddlebred called Big T who had more bad habits than any horse I've had since, but I learned from him! I got my first job in harness racing right out out of high school, taking a break to attend 1 year of college. The damage had been done though, and when the school year ended I went back to the race horses and didn't leave for 20 years. I continued to ride and show hunters, jumpers and trail horses and have never been without an equine friend or two for the last 40 years.

My husband and I currently have 2 horses and a pony, one dog and two cats, though one cat is pretty sure he's a dog in cat's clothing.

I am attempting to break into the ranks of the published author, and look forward to having an opportunity to bring joy through writing to others.