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Hunter Dollar

The art of writing is something that has always seemed to come naturally to me. Ihave been writing since I was a kid, for fun at first, then I decided as I got older that I wanted to make my way in the world through writing and my talents in web design and computer programming. I have been writing online for various sites and clients, as well as my own writing ventures, such as various sites I have managed and blogs I have created.

I pride myself on the work I do, and I love making my mark on the world through the work I do online. As someone who spends most of my time online, I am always looking for the next thing to write, the next site to build, the next thing I want to create. I have dedicated my life to my online work and I am happiest when I am making other people's lives easier and better through the services I offer online with content writing, web design, and development.

When it comes to writing, I specialize in content writing, articles, blog posts, creative writing, and copywriting. These are the things I consider myself best at, but I love just about any project or task that enables me to write about almost any subject. Words are humans' most efficient way of expression, and you know what they say:

The pen is mightier than the sword~