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4 Years Active Duty, US Marine Corps, Motor Transport Mechanic and Maintenance Supervisor. A.A., Business Administration, Los Angeles Community College. B.S., Management Science/Computer Science, Kean University. IT Systems Design & Development Professional. IT Project Management, Project Leader, Systems Analyst, Data Base Designer, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer.

IT Systems Technical and User Documentation writer/specialist. Authored IT System Design and System Requirements Specifications. Write "How To" articles as well as buy, fix and sell Toyota Camrys' as a hobby.

I believe the 91 - 01 Toyota Camry to be one of the finest 4 door passenger sedans ever made. That's why you still see so many on the road that are over 15 years old. It cannot compete with the more expensive European counterparts with respect to acceleration, handling and creature comforts (except the V6 with a 5 speed manual), but the car will get you from point A to B with comfort, reliability and good fuel economy...all the time. With modest maintenance, the car can last well beyond 100,000 miles and still drive like new. The engineers at Toyota did a superb job designing this vehicle for easy repair and inexpensive replacement parts can be had from numerous suppliers. Many of the incorporated design features in the Camry may be found in other Toyota vehicles including the Lexus luxury brand. When Toyota has a solid, good design, they transfer that technology where ever possible; hence, the great interchangeability of parts with their other cars.

The items requiring replacement with high mileage Camrys tend to be the suspension struts, rear sway bar bushings, split CV boots and occasional window motor failure. Belts, brake pads and fluids should be replaced as part of Preventative Maintenance (PM), but I've seen many neglected Camrys still chugging along inspite of neglect.

If you're handy with tools and enjoy tinkering with mechanical things, you can't go wrong buying a used Camry to work on. My mother gave me her 97 with 87K miles, it now has over 150K miles and I refuse to let it go. New cars are way overpriced, auto insurance too costly and I only need reliable, economical and comfortable transporation. My Camry has never let me down.