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Vehicle owners it's time to rebel! Stop getting robbed on your car repairs and service costs. You work hard long hours for the money you spend on servicing and repairing your car, so why not spend a few minutes here and learn how to save all that now wasted money for more productive things like a decent holiday with your family?

I am the experienced insider. The knowledge you need so dealerships and mechanics won't dare pull a fast one on you or overcharge for repairs to your car are on this page

You can learn how to buy a car for well under market value here as well as read up on the latest hydrogen cell car.

How to buy a used car. | How to sell a used car. | Saving on brake repairs. | Servicing and repairing autos. | Motorcycle repairs and maintenance. | Buying a BMW | BMW faults-and-remedies E 30-34-36 | BMW E46 faults | BMW 5 series | BMW 7 series | BMW 3 series | BMW 1 series |

Starting an auto repair shops? Make better business and moral decisions based on my 35 years experience in the trade as a successful owner operater.

Starting an auto repair shop the right way. |

I spent years buying and selling auto lifts, brake lathes, engine analysers, tyre changers, wheel balancers pipe benders and more. You may need to know your equipment if you are opening a repair shop. Auto-repair-shop-equipment articles.

To get a different and fresh view of Australian life, take a look at one of my many articles about everyday life in Australia Looking-for-myself-in-Australia

My other articles listed below are very diverse, I hope you enjoy at least one of them.

Thank you for looking in.

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