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Kalpana Iyer

Hi! I am Kalpana Iyer. I'm an impulsive, energetic and a self confessed internet junkie who spends way too many hours staring at my laptop screen (with love, of course).

I am an Engineer by profession who keeps a wide range of interests including -- cooking (which I have still not mastered), Science (always eager to learn something new), visiting new places (which I haven't done in quite some time now) -- to name a few.

I have also very recently taken a liking towards anything peacock themed, maybe because I'm from India where this exotic creature is considered as the national bird (patriotic me!) or maybe because I'm just obsessed with its beauty!

I am introverted but friendly (that's what friends tell me) and I also have a crazy sense of humour which gets misinterpreted a lot! I love anyone and everyone who gives me a good laugh (don't we all?) and absolutely adore people who don't take life too seriously.

I will be making hubs that pertain to these very own interests of mine. I do not really believe in making pages focusing on a single niche, because I have way too many ideas to share and it seems absurd to just restrict myself to a minute area in the hope of earning more money, traffic and fame. I hope you find my hubs useful in some way or the other.