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Caroline Paulison Andrew

I am a self-employed marketing consultant and content developer/copywriter. I live in the Chicago area with our three teenage children, two overly large Old English Sheepdogs, and a cat. I am married to one incredibly patient man.

I am passionate about great cooking and using locally sourced, high-quality, humanely raised ingredients. I possess a strangely large cookbook collection. I also avidly read a broad range of non-fiction, history, biography, and fiction books. Shelves and stacks of books are found throughout our house--and e-books clog up the memory on my phone.

I love being part of the HubPages community as it gives me a chance to write about topics in which I am personally interested, including cooking, history, books, and DYI projects. I also blog about these topics at

Many years ago, I earned my B.A. in Philosophy from Northwestern University and my M.B.A from Loyola University Chicago, neither of which made me an expert in anything in particular. Instead, I consider myself an on-going student of life. The world offers much to learn and so little time in which to do it!