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ArockDaNinja - I'm a 31 year single parent of a soon to be 11 year old boy. I've never been much of a writer, but it's nice to be able to share thoughts and knowledge with the world through Hubpages, Youtube, and other social sites.

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Some of my favorite hubs:

Apocalypse 2012: UFOs, Mayans, Planet X, and Prophecies

** Hubnugget ** 10 Funny Ways to be Unproductive on a Rainy Day

10 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Hurricane

** Hub of the Day AND Hubnugget! **How Motorcycle Controls Work

What Humans will look like in the Future

Fun facts about Arock:

Nicknames: Arock, Air Fresh, Fresh, and Doctor Fresh.  The name's keep piling up.

Education: UMass Amherst for electrical engineering, STCC for associates in Micro Computer Science

Work: IT Technician. Hobbies and other sources of income: Web design, internet marketing and advertising, Youtube, eBay sales, Amazon affiliate, stock and options speculator. Yeah, I get very, very bored.

Hobbies: Web design, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, any type of blogging, and long term investments, riding motorcycles, mountain bikes, ATVs, and everything about cars.

Social Scene: Loves Facebook and Google Plus, hates MySpace, loves bar and club scenes, dislikes ghetto scenes.