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Alura Price

Hello! My names is Alura and I am completely in love with my niche of travel and minimalism but I'm also very passionate about mental health, pet care, and of course writing!

Before I started traveling, I would work at steady jobs and find myself so incredibly bored after being somewhere less than a year. I am the type of person that needs to try new things and challenge myself and let's be honest, promotions and working yourself up a ladder in a company is long gone (or at least pretty rare). I would be stuck at dead end jobs and the monotony of it all would eventually get to me. I would need to leave to find something new and exciting to challenge myself.

When I learned about minimalism and becoming financially free, I decided to make it a mission to use these skills to become a full time traveler, and my boyfriend (now fiance) was totally into the idea as well. We saved our money, paid some debt off, and bought a camper to travel in full time with our cat, Layla, and work seasonal jobs where we can find something new after a few months... and avoid that mundane existence for as long as we can.

I want my articles to inspire people. To realize there is always a chance at freedom even though it may require some hard work and some hard decisions to make. I want to write articles about places we go and places you should put on your bucket list. I want my readers to look around their house and think about the things they own, the things they consume, and open their minds to the bigger picture. The biggest picture there is in life... that we are only here for a little while.

So let me just end this by asking you something...

What are you going to do while you're here?