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Alexander Silvius

#1. I am not a cat. Although I appear to be one here, I am not. It was a bad day, the DMV was very busy and I had no idea I was in line to get my picture taken until the flash went off.

#2. I am glad you are here. My writing ranges from cheap hubs about technology and sentimental cow manure, to more well thought-out and well researched hubs about politics and especially the Bible. There are a few funny ones and some intelligent rational musings such as whether or not man belongs in space.

#3. I often write hubs that are too long and usually comment the same way, but shoot, that's why we're here right? Which brings me to point number

4. Disclosure: I am grateful for all my followers. However, Hubpages is a writers' community and although that means we get to write almost anything we want and have the whole wide world see it, being a part of the community means that we should read other people's hubs. This is especially important when choosing to follow someone. The way I like to do it is to read one or two hubs from an author I have just met and leave comments on both and of course rate. THEN I'll hit the follow button. Hint hint.

5. I have been on hiatus for quite a while, so I am looking forward to plugging back in. Please have patience with me while I stumble back into the writing world. As mentioned above, there will be sentimental cow manure, and I must warn you that I have become more like my profile picture in the last eight years than ever before and there are some rants coming as well. In fact my latest hub harps on Franklin Graham comparing Confederate memorials to Biblical, God-given memorials to the Israelites. But it will get better. I swear.

So check out my spotlight hubs. Take a read. Leave a comment - and thanks for stopping by.